1. Before installing the Rain Shower Columns, it is necessary to punch holes first. According to the size of the shower to be installed, determine the position and height of the punching holes, and then use the impact drill to punch the holes. Pay attention to control the strength when drilling, and do not penetrate the water pipes in the wall.
  2. Connect the eccentric joint with the reserved water outlet pipe, and wrap the raw material tape to prevent water leakage at the connection. The distance of the water outlet should be controlled during the installation process.
  3. Assemble and connect the shower head and the water outlet pipe, mark the position where the shower needs to be fixed, and then install the fixing seat on the wall with tools such as screws. When the nozzle is connected to the water inlet pipe, it should also be wrapped with raw material tape to reduce the leakage rate at the connection.
  4. Install the shower head and other components on the fixed seat. If it is found that it is difficult to install during the process, it is necessary to adjust the position of the installed eccentric joint and the fixed seat until the intact nozzle and other components can be connected. Just do it.
  5. Finally, use the hose to connect the nozzle, and then make sure that the nozzle will not shake and the connection will not be stable when it is placed at the position of the top elbow.

During the process of connecting the water pipes, remember not to connect the cold and hot water pipes in reverse; after the installation is completed, you can try it out to determine whether the connection is tight and whether there is water leakage.